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Wontons and Dumplings

Pork and veggie wontons – as best as it gets 


Enjoying original Chinese wontons were never this easy! Hung’s Noodles presents pork and veggie wontons that’s ready for you to prepare at home to enjoy this most favorite Chinese food of yours.

Perfect in shape and taste, the wontons come with a generous filling of rich ground pork and assorted vegetables for the zesty taste you can die for make a lovely meal.

Get the best wontons from Hung’s Noodles. All you need to do is to put them in boiling water for around four minutes and devour them with your favorite soup. 


pork and veggie wonton


Shrimp dumplings – dumplings with wholesome shrimps


Dumplings are by far the most popular Chinese dish. It is versatile as it can be prepared with different stuffing. The best thing about dumplings is that they can be eaten anytime. Enjoy them as snacks, starters or with main course. Shrimp dumplings, a popular variation of dumplings are super hit with most westerners. With grounded shrimp as the main ingredient, these dumplings come with onions, garlic and other veggies for that zesty taste that you love in Chinese food.

Hung’s Noodles presents shrimp dumplings in frozen form that you can have at home, whenever you want. They taste great, are easy to prepare and can be served with your favorite soup for a complete dining experience.


shrimp dumplings 


Get authentic Shrimp wontons at Hung’s Noodles



If you love shrimp, this is for you. Shrimp wontons are a delicious dish that you can have anytime. The wontons are made of flour, water and salt. By adding egg, they are made chewy and supple. You would love to dig into them just to find the sumptuous stuffing of grounded shrimp, onions and garlic. The strong taste of garlic is moderated by other spices which make the shrimp wontons delicious.

You can enjoy the goodness of Chinese shrimp wontons at home now. Hung’s Noodles offers frozen shrimp wontons that need to be boiled in water and enjoyed with soup of your choice. 


shrimp dumpling