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Ramen noodles – the distinct noodles from the oriental


Ramen noodles is the perfect dish to include in your main course. It’s a complete dish in itself with wheat noodles served in a meat or fish broth with soy sauce for a tangy taste. Sliced pork, green onions and dried seaweed make it savory.

Try Ramen noodles from Hung’s Noodles for the authentic flavor. You would love the distinctive yellowish hue of Ramen Noodles as well as its firm texture that makes this dish so tasty. Have your Ramen noodles as thin or thick, straight or wrinkled or even ribbon-shaped and revel in their savor. 




Shanghai noodles –with love from Shanghai 


If you love everything Chinese, you must try this. Shanghai noodles from Hung’s Noodles taste so Chinese, so authentic. Get them and you would always want to have more.

Made from wheat flour and water, they are basic noodles that can be cooked in a variety of ways. They are thick which makes them easy to cook with other ingredients. They taste best when stir fried with beef cutlets, onion and bok choy. While the rich taste of beef would play in your mouth, the vegetables would create the perfect orchestra. Include Shanghai noodles in your main course and enjoy an authentic Chinese meal. 


shanghai noodle