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Rice Rolls

rice rolls

With precise adjustments to the same mixture used in rice noodles while adding a special ingredient, Hungs Noodle Rice Rolls have become Calgary’s best-selling brand. Usually having a mixture of green onions and dried shrimp steamed with the rice mixture, it also comes in plain form. While usually stuffed with pork or shrimp to be enjoyed as a traditional dimsum item, rice rolls can be a snack-time favourite when topped with soy sauce, hoisin sauce, or even hot sauce.


Rice Noodles

rice noodles

Rice Noodles are made from a mixture of ground rice and water. The mixture is rolled through a steamer creating thin layers of rice sheets which is then hand fed into a cutter. This results in thin, translucent noodles with a delicate and soft texture, coming in two cuts, that can be used for a wide variety of traditional oriental recipes.



Rice Products


Silver needle rice noodles – the delicate rice noodles for foodies like you 


If you love Chinese cuisine, you must try the silver needle rice noodles. These noodles are as exotic as their name. They are prepared by mixing grounded rice with water and rolling through a steamer to create thin layers which are fed into a cutter to create semi-transparent, thin and delicate noodles that are used to prepare a wide variety of Chinese dishes.

At Hung Noodles you get the best silver needle rice noodles that are prepared by the most experienced hands. Try them once and you would know why Chinese food lovers come back to Hung’s Noodles for their daily dose of Chinese foods. 


silver needle rice noodles