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Canton Wonton Wrappers


canton wonton wrappers1

Hung’s canton wrappers are enriched with eggs, giving them a supple yet, chewy texture. Whether they are waiting to be served pre-boiled in a broth, cooled, or even frozen, Hung’s canton wrappers are break-resistant and non-stick to suit even the most adverse of restaurant needs. Don`t let their durability fool you though. Our canton wrappers are thinner than most average wrappers, meaning less dough, and more tasty stuffing.




Shanghai Wonton Wrappers


shanghai wonton wrappers

Thicker than our canton wrappers, Hung’s shanghai wonton wrappers are a home-kitchen favourite and is a supermarket best-seller.  The thicker sheets offer a more doughy bite like dumplings, while offering a similar texture to our canton wrappers.



Wonton Wrappers



Egg roll wrappers – the delightful starter to begin your meal


egg roll wrappers


Egg rolls are perfect starters.  The wrapper is thin and elastic made with eggs and flour making it easy to roll with the filling of your choice (typically chicken, shrimp or pork) creating a wonderful appetizer.  When deep fried, they become crispy and crunchy.  Cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots and other vegetables can be added to the filling to add another layer to the crunchy texture.  Dip them into tangy sauces like plum or Worcestershire sauce you will find that it will make the perfect finger food to begin your Chinese gourmet experience.


Round dumpling wrappers – they make every meal memorable


You haven’t really experience Chinese food if you haven’t had a dumpling before!  Our wrappers are made with flour pressed into a circle.  The thickness makes the wrapper perfectly elastic to hold the filling and give the dumpling a chewy texture.  Fill them with ground pork or chicken along with vegetables of your choice.  Have them fried, steamed or boiled.  Our round dumpling wrappers pack much more than apparent from their size so bite into one and savor the taste.


dumpling wrappers