Owned and Operated by Hungkee Holdings Co. Ltd. since 1984

About Us

The history of many Canadian businesses start with a story of immigration, ours is no different. In 1980, Ricky Chung immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong with his bride to join his parents and begin a new life in Canada. Known as Hung (振雄) to friends and family, Ricky spent his first years in Canada working in the retail food industry. During this time, he learned English, built capital and continued refining his skills in Asian noodle manufacturing – a traditional trade in which he apprenticed in as a young adult in Hong Kong.


Finally in 1983, in the basement of his Uncle’s Chinese restaurant in southeast Calgary – Hung and his father started producing Chinese noodles for sale. The company’s Chinese name 雄記麵廠 (pronounced Hungkee) loosely translated means “your friend Hung’s Noodle Factory”. Through this name, Hung wanted to convey to his clients a sense of friendship above and beyond the business transactions. In the Chinese community, Ricky is known better has “Hung kee” than his English name. Although other less time consuming production methods exist – Ricky and his father insisted on making their product using traditional methods to ensure that the clients received a high quality and authentic product. As a result, the client base grew quickly and by 1984 Hung’s Noodle House moved into its own 900 square foot production facility.

From the modest beginnings of a basement operation to its current 8000 square foot production facility, Hung’s Noodle House has stayed true to its family-business roots. From these roots we derive our core values around building prosperous and harmonious relationships through continuous improvement and commitment to authenticity.